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Why Choose IBA UK?

IBA UK is in a unique position to provide the following benefits for UK clients:

  • Accessibility – just two hours flight time and a GMT +1 hour time zone, enabling rapid face–to–face meetings with developers when required
  • Flexible resourcing model – near–shore with option for your project manager to be based at IBA, a combination of near–shore and on–site or fully on–site
  • Proven and low risk – 20+ years organic growth with loyal clients, providing cost efficiencies and mitigating project risk
  • Investment in staff – joint laboratories within universities and top employee care to ensure project staff continuity.


IBA UK leverages expertise of IBA Group, an alliance of IT companies with more than 2,500 employees. The IBA Group's organizational structure enables IBA UK to create combined software development teams located in Prague, Brno, Bratislava, Burgas, Minsk or Gomel. The customer can select the location, delivery model and contract type in line with his or her requirements. 

IBA Group Compared to Competitors

  • Partner relations vs. `coding in line with the specs'
  • Long–term cooperation with customers (more than 22 years)
  • Extensive expertise in different computer platforms from mainframe to mobile
  • Capabilities to migrate from legacy to new platforms/technologies
  • Competence in new technologies
  • Low attrition (5–7% per annum).

IBA Group advantages

Industry Pedigree

IBA Group's global expertise has been recognised through numerous industry accolades and rankings. Please click the link to find out more about our awards and recognitions.